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Adventure, Discovery, Inspiration First!

We don't always put safety first at Coyle Outside. That is said with trepidation.  Our culture, especially around kids, often values safety above all else.  Much of the time this makes the best sense but sometimes this can leave things like good judgement, relationship, trust, connection to come AFTER, when maybe there is room for these to be front in line.  Being vulnerable to small and moderate failure provides opportunities to create heroic personal victories and to experience being one's own changemaker.  Doing this in the context of a peer group provides validating witnesses to a student's story and endeavors, creating connection and friendship in parallel.


We further believe in a distinction between 'Discovery' and 'Learning' where discovery changes a person forever.  So, we endeavor to guide as much as teach, allowing for invention and "Ah Ha!" moments.  We believe that wisdom (as well as a beautiful, rich life) comes through failures, taking and learning to manage risks and from entering and passing through what is scary and uncomfortable.

"Survival" Skills are the platform and training grounds we use.  They provide an elegant and minimalist 'classroom' where a student is immersed in

  • Their own body and mind

  • Their relationship with and to other participants

  • the natural world on its terms

What's more, competency with these skills provides capacities beyond surviving any real or imagined emergency or apocalypse.  Students leave with skills that bring freedom and confidence to engage in adventure (to say "Yes!") and the seeds to act as leaders in the outdoors (or otherwise really) when surprising or non-ideal conditions present.  Our students create a life where they have real power.

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