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Teen/Adult Programs

Fall 2023

Women's Mountain Biking Clinic

Chepenefa Springs Park

Sep30-Oct1 | Ages 16+

This clinic is for beginner and novice riders with access to a good bike. We will cover basic gear and mechanics and spend time assessing skills the morning of day one. Skills introduced, taught and practiced include braking, balance, shifting, downhill technique, uphill climbing and more. Class will progress during the weekend over more challenging terrain and obstacles leading to higher competence and confidence. Expect to travel to local trails for the later part of day (up to 45 minutes.) Bring bike, helmet, food, water, appropriate clothing. Basic bike skills required. If you need ideas for renting, borrowing or purchasing a bike, contact Dan Coyle at 541-760-0774

Saturday-Sunday  9:00am-2:00pm​

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Fundamental Wilderness Skills *CLOSED*

Coyle Outside

Oct1 | Ages 16+

Take a shallow dive into the skills that elevate competence and confidence of casual outdoor lovers toward more adventurous endeavors and trips. Shelter, fire, knots, knife work and navigation will be covered.


Use this class as a springboard into the five-part wilderness skills series that follows.

Sunday  9:00am-1:00pm

Wilderness Skills Weekend *CLOSED*

Coyle Outside

Nov4-Nov5 | Ages 15+

This class is 100 percent taught outside and combines a series of five separate skills classes into a weekend-long experience. You'll study and practice five fundamentals of outdoor skills to build confidence and competence for backpacking, car camping, teaching youth and survival.


Additional instruction will be provided Saturday night for those willing to stay on-site. Sessions will follow this sequence: Knife and tool skills, knots and cordage, fire, shelter, navigation. All tools and equipment provided -- including knives, compasses, fire strikers and more.


There may be travel from the site to practice in natural settings. On-site work occurs around a fire pit and under shelter. Camping available for those travelling from out of the area. This is the same training given to our own instructors.

Saturday-Sunday 10:00am-4:00pm

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Storytelling for Educators and Enthusiasts *CLOSED*

Coyle Outside 

Nov4-Nov5 | Ages 14+

Storytelling for Educators (10a-4p Sat)

This interactive Storytelling Workshop is designed to help educators connect with their students and bring their material to life in new ways. Stories serve many purposes in our lives, and are instrumental in social, emotional and cognitive development. Like play and song, stories are primal and primary human development tools/pathways that are of diminishing influence in student/child development in modern times. They have the capacity to transcend cultural differences and can bind us together as a human community, as well as engage, influence, teach and inspire listeners like no other tool. Studies have found that audiences can be presented with information, charts, graphs and numbers, but if there’s not a moving story, they aren’t going to feel connected to your message. In this workshop educators will learn to convey information into vivid, colorful, and memorable packages, and learn to construct stories using provided techniques and activities. No prior experience with storytelling is necessary.

The Art of Storytelling (5p-8p Sun)
Storytelling is one of the most intimate forms of communication, and has the potential to cross cultural barriers, cultivate trust, and inspire action. This workshop is for folks who want to develop their craft as a storyteller and learn how to create story spaces. Participants will experience the power of stories through discovery and sharing. They will be guided through activities to help them uncover stories from their own lives. This workshop will occur in an outdoor space and incorporate fire as a context (and way to stay warm!) We will provide a break to eat dinner or arrange something as a group.


Saturday 10:00am-4:00pm

Sunday  5:00pm-8:00pm

Women's Survival 5 day Immersive with Jessie Krebs *CLOSED*

Coyle Outside

Nov11-Nov15 | Ages 16+

Looking for a supportive environment to learn survival skills or take what you already know up a couple notches?  Come join a group of motivated women to tie knots, make fires, build shelters, navigate using our environment and a map and compass, cook and eat meals together around a fire, find and disinfect water, and so much more!  We’ll be staying outside the entire time, learning and practicing skills, sleeping under the stars or in our shelters as the weather dictates.  We’ll get space to breathe, connect, and use our minds and bodies in tangible ways.  Come play!

This class is open to all levels and can be adapted to folks with some types of physical challenges, please reach out if you have questions or concerns!


Jessie Krebs is a travelling guest instructor from Colorado (currently teaching in Africa as of this write up!).  Jessie is a former Air Force SERE instructor and has worked in the wilderness as a guide for youth and adults for over 15 years.  She is the founder of OWLS (Outdoorsy Women Learning Survival Skills) and has been featured on various survival shows including season 9 of Alone (  Jessie is one of the pre eminent instructors for Women's Survival Skills in the US.


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