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Teen and Adult Programs

Winter 2023-2024

Medicinal Mushroom Class

Parks & Rec Facility (TBD)

Jan27 | All Ages

This class offers an opportunity to learn about the large diversity of medicinal fungi growing in our Pacific Northwest bioregion, including Reishi, Lion Mane, and Red Belted Conk, as well as a few popular species outside of our bioregion like Cordyceps.

We start by learning about the life cycles of fungi, their biology, and the roles they play in our ecological systems. Once we’ve gained some understanding of their role, we will discuss the ethical considerations around wildcrafting and cultivating mushrooms.

This class will also cover preparation methods for working with medicinal fungi from cooking to decoctions, double extractions, and more. We will explore these mushrooms’ therapeutic qualities through the lenses of modern science and traditional herbalism, showing how both systems complement one another, giving us a deeper understanding of how these medicines operate within our body.

Please contact Logan Keister with questions at 541-731-3097

Saturday   12:00pm-2:00pm​


Winter Plant & Mushroom Walk

Alsea Falls

Feb3 | All Ages

Come explore the diversity of wild plant and mushroom species that the Pacific Northwest has to offer! Learn the basics of how to identify plants and mushrooms, how to prepare wild foods and medicines, and how they fit into the local ecology.

We will cover the ethics of sustainable wildcrafting through the Wildcrafting Checklist developed by the Columbine School of Botanical Studies.

All ages welcome, adults will need to guide accompanying children to follow group walk and discussions.

Wildcrafting Checklist:

Saturday   11:00am-4:00pm​

Fundamental Wilderness Skills

Coyle Outside

Feb4 | Ages 16+

Take a shallow dive into the skills that elevate competence and confidence of casual outdoor lovers toward more adventurous endeavors and trips. Shelter, fire, knots, knife work and navigation will be covered. Use this class as a springboard into the five-part wilderness skills series that follows.

Sunday   9:00am-1:00pm​


Community Skill Share Event

Rotary Shelter Willamette Park

Feb10 | All Ages

Coyle Outside will be hosting an open invitation gathering to get us all out of the house and back into community with each other. The event features demos and free instruction in survival/bushcraft fire methods including strikers and friction style ignition! Come out to practice a new skill, meet some like minded people or as a way to start an exploratory day at the park.
We will provide warm soup for first comers and eager attendees are welcome to bring an additional item to share (no pressure though, just make sure to come!)
This is open to all ages and opportunities for kids to get involved. There will be a fire (and hot chocolate) going to warm up by and roast marshmallows There is no cost AND donations are accepted to support ongoing free/open events.

Saturday   1:00pm-3:00pm​

Adult Wilderness Skills Weekend

Coyle Outside

Mar2-Mar3 | Ages 15+

This class is 100 percent taught outside and combines a series of five separate skills classes into a weekend-long experience. You'll study and practice five fundamentals of outdoor skills to build confidence and competence for backpacking, car camping, teaching youth and survival. Additional instruction will be provided Saturday night for those willing to stay on-site. Sessions will follow this sequence: Knife and tool skills, knots and cordage, fire, shelter, navigation. All tools and equipment provided -- including knives, compasses, fire strikers and more. There may be travel from the site to practice in natural settings. On-site work occurs around a fire pit and under shelter. Camping available for those travelling from out of the area. This is the same training given to our own instructors.

Saturday-Sunday   10:00am-4:00pm​

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Women's Mountain Biking Clinic

Coyle Outside/location varies

Apr27-Apr28 | Ages 16+

This clinic is for beginner and novice riders with access to a good bike. We will cover basic gear and mechanics and spend time assessing skills the morning of day one. Skills introduced, taught and practiced include braking, balance, shifting, downhill technique, uphill climbing and more. Class will progress during the weekend over more challenging terrain and obstacles leading to higher competence and confidence. Expect to travel to local trails for the later part of day (up to 45 minutes.) Bring bike, helmet, food, water, appropriate clothing. Basic bike skills required.

If you need ideas for renting, borrowing or purchasing a bike, contact Dan Coyle at 541-760-0774

Saturday-Sunday   9:00am-2:00pm​

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