2020/21 Corvallis OUT -School Programs 

100% OUTSIDE from a program that ran 55 week-long, Covid free youth camps in 2020

We have created 4 programs for local (Corvallis) families to use as enrichment, child care and social/environmental development to enrich and complement online learning through Oct 2020.  


For each of the first 3 programs families sign up for the full 6 weeks for the day(s) of the week that work for them.  You can sign up for one day a week, 2 or up to 3.  Groups of 10 (guidelines have been adapted and currently allow 20) participants following guidelines for Covid and happening 100% OUTSIDE.  At the end of the 6 weeks we will re assess and schedule ongoing programming based on School District plans and customer/family feedback.  One of these programs is offered privately and takes place in various locations (Activity Bases Afternoons) and the other two are in partnership with Corvallis Parks and Recreation.

Activity Based Afternoons (available for registration now through Coyle Outside - view all here) 1pm-4:30pm - For ages 9 and up, these offerings have a theme activity each day of the week.  Choose the day(s) and/or activity(ies) that work for your child and attend those days each week from the 3rd week in Sept through the last week of Oct.  Various instructors with expertise in the given activity work with a stable group building skills and social cohesion.

Hiking and Foraging Mondays

Fishing Tuesdays 

EcoMindfulness (mix of yoga/movement, botany and art) Tuesdays 

Archery Wednesdays 

Bushcraft Thursdays

Fishing Fridays 

OUT school in Willamette Park  (registration available through Corvallis Parks and Recreation) 2pm-5pm - For ages 6-11 we meet and explore the park, working each week with a particular theme skill including Shelter building, Fire building, Foraging, Tracking and Navigation, including biology and earth science lessons that these activities provide.  Choose the day(s) that work for your child and attend those days each week from the 3rd week in Sept through the last week of Oct.  Curriculum/theme varies week to week but not Mon-Fri.  

Mondays 2-5 Willamette Park

Tuesdays 2-5 Willamette Park

Wednesdays 2-5 Willamette Park

Thursdays 2-5 Willamette Park

Fridays 2-5 Willamette Park

Sprout Nature Explorers (registration available soon through our partnership with Corvallis Parks and Recreation) 9am-12pm - For ages 3-5 we meet in Willamette Park and spend mornings exploring and discovering nature.  Participants experience a mixture of free play and some structured short 'little naturalist' lessons adding in games along the way.  

Mondays 9-12 Willamette Park

Tuesdays 9-12 Willamette Par

Wednesdays 9-12 Willamette Par

Thursdays 9-12 Willamette Park

Fridays 9-12 Willamette Park

AND check these local offerings out and tell them we sent you!  We recommend them all highly.

Youth Parkour by PNWGST - Loren Connet offers amazing programs in movement and parkour for youth here in Corvallis.  Weekly, small group classes at his open air garage gym on HWY 34.  You can connect with him via email to find out more at loren.sc@me.com.  

Regenerative Roots Non Profit Homeschool Programs - Be in touch with Paul as they are currently developing their plans for the Fall

Fern and Feather Forest School - Brian and Kyla offer amazing free play, 100% outside nature connection programming for pre school age youth.  

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