We have been running in person programs since June.  As of this update we have had over 700 youth participate in our programming for over 25K participant hours with over 30 instructors with ZERO reported transmission/infection events.  We have done a lot to make this possible including staying committed to 100% Outdoor Programming.  From our experience, networking and research we believe/see that, generally:

Wearing a mask provides this much protection

(and depends on the compliance level of our participants)

Keeping socially distant provides this much protection

(and depends on the compliance level of our participants)

Washing hands and not sharing items provides this much protection

(and depends on the compliance level of our participants)

BEING OUTSIDE provides this much protection

AND still works when kids forget or don't do the other stuff!!

Check out our summary research from Summer Programming

Update - Compiled data on research and reporting updated July 19, 2020 

Please share any contra indicative OR supporting evidence with us.

Covid 19 - Evidence for the efficacy of Outdoor Day Camps, Compiled by Coyle Outside


See our City/County by City/County updates below As of May 18, 2020

Preventative Measures


We are in a unique position to provide risk mitigated programming.  Outdoor programming provides:

  • Unlimited space to maintain physical distance

  • Unlimited fresh air

  • Mitigating impact of exposure to sunlight on virus particles


We will be following recommendations set forth by the state for safety/prevention in addition to any that your local City requires.  We anticipate and are committed to the following as a minimum:

  • Regular handwashing with soap/hand sanitizer

  • 6’ separation

  • Individualized materials and activity (no sharing of materials unless/until cleaned/sanitized)

  • Group size max 20 in applicable areas

  • Groups will remain static/stable

  • Masks will be recommended at all times and required when social distancing is not possible (Masks will be required for staff)

  • Daily communication/documentation regarding signs/symptoms and potential exposure events that any participants or staff have experienced

  • In the event of a participant or staff demonstrating symptoms or exposure to a known person infected we will communicate immediately to all participant families and relevant city staff


In the case of limited space priority enrollment will be provided to:

  1. Hospital and clinical staff

  2. Dentists

  3. Pharmacy staff

  4. Home health, Elder and Nursing home staff

  5. Psychologists

  6. Psychiatrists

  7. Mental Health counselors

  8. Developmental disability aides

  9. First Responders (police, fire, EMT)

  10. Direct Social Services workers (child care, children's services, public assistance and adult protective services.


Contact us if you have any questions.