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Toddler/Youth Programs

Winter 2023/2024

Toddler Programs

Nature Play

Willamette Park Rotary Shelter

Jan8-Mar20 | Ages 2.5-5

Designed as a drop off/pick up program with some exceptions for younger participants or appropriate circumstances. 

Min 4 participants with 2 instructors.

Early childhood is a short period of time that impacts the entire lifespan. By age 6, 90% of adult brain volume is formed so these years have critical influences. The foundation built in early childhood has implications, not only in social and academic achievement, but also in physical health outcomes. By taking advantage of the unique setting of an outdoor program, your child won't miss out on this critical time! Through exploring nature in a Nature Play group, participants form critical neurological/socio-emotional pathways (available uniquely through engagement with the outdoors) that extend far beyond the scope of this program. Don't miss out on this special chance for your little one! Register for one or more days weekly.

Partial or Full Sessions - Nov or Dec end dates

Mondays 9am-12:00pm​

Wednesdays 9am-12:00pm 


Youth Afterschool Programs

Outsiders AfterSchool Mondays

Willamette Park Rotary Shelter

Sep11-Dec13 | Ages 7-11

Join an outdoor adventure crew each week to build team and wilderness skills!

Coyle Outside instructors guide participants through a variety of outdoor lessons, craft projects, and experiments in this immersive 100% outdoors after school program. Skills gained will include tracking, navigation, cordage and knots, knife safety & usage, fire & shelter building through scenarios and games, as well as practicing leadership and teamwork. Skills are developed through the course of the term, and a typical day includes a specific skill/activity to focus on, snack, a walk/adventure, and skills implementation. Register for one or more days weekly.

Mondays 3:00pm-5:30pm


Youth School's Out Programs

Winter Wildercamp

Willamette Park Rotary Shelter, then location may vary

Dec18-Dec21 | Ages 7-11

Join us for four full days of learning survival skills and practicing them in survival scenarios! Skills taught/practiced will include shelters, fire safety/building, knife safety, tracking, foraging, teamwork, traps, orienteering, cordage/knots and primitive skills. Specific skills and curriculum will depend on instructor and student preference.


Goal of camp, besides having fun, is to build initiative, self-control and judgment skills while connecting with the natural world. Campers will play survival-themed games based on real-life survival scenarios. The week ends with an exciting final scenario and a certificate of achievement.


Monday-Thursday    9:00am-3:00pm


School's Out Field Trips

Avery Park Townsend Shelter

Jan15-Mar15 | Ages 7-11

Coyle Outside will transform Corvallis School District scheduled days off into outdoor adventures and forays. We'll meet at Townsend Shelter at Avery Park to work on outdoor skills such as shelter, fire, knife work, navigation, foraging, tracking, wildlife observation and more. We'll also provide transportation to field trip sites to practice bushcraft and survival skills. Areas may include Mary's Peak, Finley Wildlife Refuge, E.E. Wilson, and other natural places in and around Corvallis.


Fieldtrip Dates: January15th, February 1st, February 2nd, February 19th, March 15th. Sign up for the full program. Prorating for individual days not available.

1/15, 2/1, 2/2, 2/19, 3/15    9:00am-4:00pm

Toddler Progams
Toddler Programs
Youth Programs
Youth Programs
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