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Instructors - Wilderness, Fishing, Movement


Jason Drevenak (North American Bushcraft School)

​Jason is a lifelong practitioner and teacher of Bushcraft, Primitive Skills and all things outdoors.  His West Virginia based School provides everything from homeschool programs to Individualized Survival Training, skills workshops and the annual Mountain Craft Gathering.  Jason has been profiled on several Television Programs including National Geographic's Mygrations Series.  Jason has a particular passion for working with youth and instucts with a powerful sense of providing fun and empowering responsibility.

Karie Fugette

​​​Karie is a lead instructor for our Girls' Earth Skills Camps and has taught for Coyle Outside since the Spring of 2018.  She works with teens and young adults at an alternative education program in Corvallis developing and delivering specialized curriculum during the school year.  Karie is an accomplished writer along with being passionate about the outdoors.  She spends her spare time developing her rural property as a largely off the grid homestead. 

Jeremiah Stark ​​

​​​Jeremiah is a father of three and outdoorsman from Philomath, Oregon with an associate's degree in Outdoor Leadership.  He has studied and taught Disaster Preparedness extensively and has worked with At Risk Teens in the wilderness of Central Oregon.  Jeremiah has worked as a Survival and Fishing Instructor for Coyle Outside since 2017 and specializes in Navigation and Orienteering Instruction.  He volunteers his time and skills with boy scouts and has been practicing survival and wilderness skills for decades.  Jeremiah currently splits his time working with at risk teens and young adults in a wilderness based rehabilitation program.

jessie krebs.jpeg
Jessie Krebs (SERE Training School)

Jessie spent four years as an Air Force Survival, Escape, Resistance and Evasion Instructor.  One of less than 10 women in a group of over 250 elite instructors teaching Navy Seals, Army Rangers and many other military in the arts of survival.  She spent 11 years working with at risk teens in the Wilderness where she further honed both her people and wilderness skills.  Jessie is a committed and passionate teacher who truly lives to pass on her knowledge.  She runs her own school in Colorado and is a special guest instructor with Coyle Outside.  ANY chance you get to take a class with Jessie is not to be missed.

​Angelo Seaver (Hawk)​​

Hawk (Angelo Seaver), founder of Red Hawk Pathways, brings a plethora of skills and experience from years of practicing stone age and modern survival methods.  He is a Rites of Passage youth mentor for Cascadia QuestOn a lifelong learning journey, his passions for nature connection started early. Growing up on an organic farm in the California Redwoods taught him the interconnectedness of all things, how to hunt, hike and blend into nature. Later on in his young adult life he traveled extensively seeking out and practicing lessons from many along the way including, B.O.S.S. (Boulder Outdoor Survival School), Tom Brown Jr, and Backtracks skills gatherings. Some of his favorite skills to practice and use are fire and archery.

Nicholas Parker

Nic grew up with summer mountain camping trips and learning basic gardening with his grandmother. His desire for the outdoors came at an early age but only recently has he become in touch with his need for it. Nic went to college with the intention of becoming a Navy SEAL, and would have accomplished it if it hadn't been for a few minor setbacks. But in those setbacks he found himself and his connection with the natural world. As a bit of an eccentric Nic strives for the wild and ridiculous so naturally primitive skills drew him in. His background is predominately in wild foods(mushrooms specifically,) but he has spent the past year on a crash course in primitive survival techniques. Beyond foraging, his main focus is on primitive weaponry and how they were used for food and the importance they played in expanding human culture globally. 

Joey Vogt​​

Joey Vogt is 58 years young and is a instructor emeritus as being the first employee of Coyle Outside, instrumental in our efforts getting off the ground in 2014.  He continues to threaten to do work with us from time to time! He caught his first trout before turning 4 years old, and started backpacking in his teens. He loves to be outside letting new adventures unfold daily, Rain or shine! Joey says "The time I have been afforded, teaching our youth, has been the most rewarding part of my life. Hope to catch a river monster with all of you! Fish on!"

Chris Meares

Chris was born and raised in southern New Jersey and growing up spent her time fishing, mountain biking, and surfing. She moved to Colorado in 2009 to study environmental science, permaculture, and outdoor education at Naropa University in Boulder. Chris is currently completing her MFA in Creative Nonfiction at Regis University's Mile-High MFA Program and is an avid travel & wilderness writer. Her summers are dedicated to camping, backpacking, and exploring the US National Parks and foreign countries she hasn't yet seen. She currently works as a carpenter and a sixth grade teacher in the Denver Metro area.

Andy Howell.jpg
Andy Howell

Andy hails from the midwest and has studied Primitive Skills, Natural Building (in Ecuador and Oregon), animal processing and hunting, Canoeing Expeditions in the Hudson and Boundary Waters, Backpacking the Continental Divide Trail and Fly Fishing in Remote Alaska.  This Spring he will take part in a one month Primitive Living Skills Immersion Course in Washington.  Andy graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a  Design degree.  He has a passion for teaching youth that comes from his own camp experiences as an adolescent.  Andy is the only straight laced feral person I know!

Jer Backflip DXB.jpg

Jereme Sanders

Jereme is a first generation Parkour practitioner and instructor from San Antonio, Texas. He began his Parkour and martial arts training in the early 2000s. With Parkour as his main discipline, Jereme has been performing and teaching all over the US and internationally for over a decade. His latest adventure was as the head coach of the Dubai based Parkour company ParkourDXB. Jereme likes to use his knowledge in climbing, acroyoga, capoeira, and jujitsu to influence his movement training.  When teaching he particularly enjoy's illustrating concepts that can help students apply their skills in training and in other aspects of their life. Jereme is currently working on a online resource for Parkour so that more people can understand this visually striking discipline in a deeper and more complete way.

Elet Hall

Elet Hall is a Coach, Performer, and Competitor. He is a four time National finalist on the hit show "American Ninja Warrior", known as "the Natural" he represented Team USA in the international ninja challenge. He developed his competitive skill through 15 years of Parkour training, a discipline that has taken him all over the globe to both coach and perform. He credits his success to a unique approach to physical training that combines science based methodology with outdoor Challenge and play.

Selen Dance.jpg
Selen Gumen

Selen has been interested in many dance styles ( social latin, breaking, popping, dancehall, jazz, etc.) and sports (Basketball, ice skating, equestrian, etc.) from an early age. She loves moving and sharing movement. She has been dancing for 13 years and her primary style is Hiphop. She is an active member of the Hiphop dance community in Turkey and joins battles and competitions alone or with her crew “Satisfunktion”. For her, dance is a way of self expression and connecting with the environment and others. She studied comunication design in university and wrote her masters thesis on freestyle dance and the Hiphop circle. She also teaches pole dance and fitness at the most famous studio in her home country (Turkey) and occasionally gives parkour lessons for kids to assist her dad, who owns the only Parkour gym in Turkey. The previous year she has been teaching Hiphop dance lessons in İstanbul that focus on musicality, body awareness and creativity.

Randy Bonner.jpg
Randy Bonner

Randall Bonner grew up hunting and fishing in Alabama with his father, who guided hunters for whitetail deer. He is an award-winning author, with dozens of articles published in print magazines and newspapers, and hundreds of articles published online. An avid angler, hunter and forager, he enjoys providing for himself with what mother nature has to offer, as well as sharing his knowledge and skills with others. Deckhanding on a charter boat in Depoe Bay kindled his passion for working with families to create lifelong memories and he hopes to create the same experiences with Coyle Outside.

Bobby Roel

Bobby performs with a dance crew under the name Bobby Digital and has practiced Popping for last 8 years.  He says "What inspires me about the dance is that it allows me to freely express myself no matter how I’m feeling, and it’s such a gift to be able to share that with people."  Bobby grew up in Olympia and now lives in Eugene, OR where he dances regularly with the dance community there.  His goal is to use dance to have youth build confidence and creative energy while expressing themselves more freely.  

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