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Summer 2021Corvallis
Weekly Corvallis/Albany/Philomath  Ages 2-14

100% OUTSIDE , We have been running Covid free programming since June 2020

Summer Programs start the week of June 21 

Immersive OUTPOD - Age 2-5 Summer Forest Gang - Age 6-10 Wild Tribe - Age 9-14 Activity Afternoons

Call about discounts and to try out the first class of any session for free


Ages 2-5

(call about discounts for qualifying families and to reserve the chance to attend session one for free without obligation)

Summer Forest Gang - Check out our Open House Sunday, June 13th, 4pm at the Rotary Shelter at Willamette Park

Register here through Corvallis Parks and Rec - Willamette Park - Provides a impactful free play experience to participants at a critical developmental age. Lead Instructor and Programmatics designer Robbin Stevenson brings diverse and broad training and experience as an early childhood development educator.  She is a mother of 4 and operates her own successful childcare program, Robbin's Nest.  Early childhood is a short period of time that truly lasts a lifetime. By age 6, a child has developed 90% of their adult brain volume, and these early years have critical impact on long term development. The foundation built in early childhood has implications, not only in social and academic achievement, but also in physical health outcomes. By taking advantage of the unique setting of an outdoor program, your child won't miss out on this critical time! Through exploring nature as a Forest Gang, participants form critical neurological/socio-emotional pathways (available uniquely through engagement with the outdoors) that extend far beyond the scope of this program. Don't miss out on this special chance for your little one! Register for one or more days weekly. You are encouraged to phone Dan at Coyle Outside with any questions. Come dressed for the weather with snacks and water.


Mondays 9am-12pm

Tuesdays 9am-12pm

Wednesdays 9am-12pm

Thursdays 9am-12pm

Ages 6-9 (call about discounts for qualifying families and to reserve the chance to attend session one for free without obligation)

Wild Tribe - Diverse Locations - Register directly through Coyle Outside, Wild Tribe meets in different locations weekly to explore and adventure.  Classes may be project focused or exploratory and the group helps the instructor plan the next week's adventures.  Past adventures have included field trips to wood mills and tree farms, tree climbing and tree forts, snowball fights, exploratory hikes and camoflage games. 



Girls' Wild Tribe Tuesdays 1-4:30pm

Wild Tribe Wednesdays 1-5pm

Ages 9-14 (call about discounts for qualifying families and to reserve the chance to attend session one for free without obligation)

OUT Pod This is our most immersive outdoor program that builds to field trips, overnight camping and backpacking and it has its own page on the site.  Click here.


Activity Afternoons  (Details and Registration) all classes 2:30pm-5:30pm unless otherwise noted, For Wednesdays see times- We scheduled For ages 9 and up, these offerings have a theme activity each day of the week.  Choose the day(s) and/or activity(ies) that work for your child and attend those days each week of the given Fall/Winter/Spring session you register for.  Various instructors with expertise in the given activity work with a stable group building skills and social cohesion.  We also create custom scheduled and content programs for PODS and self organized family networks, just be in touch.


Regenerative Roots Non Profit Homeschool Programs - Be in touch with Paul as they are currently developing their plans for the Fall

Fern and Feather Forest School - Brian offers amazing free play, 100% outside nature connection programming for pre school age youth.  

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