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Jason Drevenak (North American Bushcraft School)

​Jason is a lifelong practitioner and teacher of Bushcraft, Primitive Skills and all things outdoors.  His West Virginia based School provides everything from homeschool programs to Individualized Survival Training, skills workshops and the annual Mountain Craft Gathering.  Jason has been profiled on several Television Programs including National Geographic's Mygrations Series.  Jason has a particular passion for working with youth and instucts with a powerful sense of providing fun and empowering responsibility.

Hollie Bates

​​​My name is Hollie, I studied Environmental Sciences and Education at Oregon State University. I’ve been  teaching young people in the Oregon outdoors as a classroom since 2015.Outside of work I enjoy adventuring in the wilderness with my family, to see wildlife and camp out. I grew up in Newport, OR and I love playing at the beach, too. 

Jeremiah Stark ​​

​​​Jeremiah is a father of three and outdoorsman from Philomath, Oregon with an associate's degree in Outdoor Leadership.  He has studied and taught Disaster Preparedness extensively and has worked with At Risk Teens in the wilderness of Central Oregon.  Jeremiah has worked as a Survival and Fishing Instructor for Coyle Outside since 2017 and specializes in Navigation and Orienteering Instruction.  He volunteers his time and skills with boy scouts and has been practicing survival and wilderness skills for decades.  Jeremiah currently splits his time working with at risk teens and young adults in a wilderness based rehabilitation program.

Jessie Krebs (SERE Training School)

Jessie spent four years as an Air Force Survival, Escape, Resistance and Evasion Instructor.  One of less than 10 women in a group of over 250 elite instructors teaching Navy Seals, Army Rangers and many other military in the arts of survival.  She spent 11 years working with at risk teens in the Wilderness where she further honed both her people and wilderness skills.  Jessie is a committed and passionate teacher who truly lives to pass on her knowledge.  She runs her own school in Colorado and is a special guest instructor with Coyle Outside.  ANY chance you get to take a class with Jessie is not to be missed.

​Angelo Seaver (Hawk)​​

Hawk (Angelo Seaver), founder of Red Hawk Pathways, brings a plethora of skills and experience from years of practicing stone age and modern survival methods.  He is a Rites of Passage youth mentor for Cascadia QuestOn a lifelong learning journey, his passions for nature connection started early. Growing up on an organic farm in the California Redwoods taught him the interconnectedness of all things, how to hunt, hike and blend into nature. Later on in his young adult life he traveled extensively seeking out and practicing lessons from many along the way including, B.O.S.S. (Boulder Outdoor Survival School), Tom Brown Jr, and Backtracks skills gatherings. Some of his favorite skills to practice and use are fire and archery.

Bobby Alwood

Bobby is currently a student at Oregon State University working towards a degree in forestry. Before becoming a student, he was in the Navy for 7 years. He enjoys backpacking, fishing and hunting. Bobby believes the outdoors is a great place for kids to overcome challenges and build confidence. As an instructor he hopes to build a foundation that will provide students the ability to explore the outdoors safely. 

Sheris Patten

I’m a Montessori teacher during the school year as well as a mom of two. I’ve been in love with the outdoors since my teenage years and every moment in the outdoors has been a impactful time. My passion is to give every child a moment, to embrace all the special things the outdoors can provide and instill hope that they will be the best caretakers of it in the future. I find that natures classroom is the best teacher and My focus is to guide them through it using all their senses. I’ve been teaching on and off for 15 years and find myself alway learning something new around another tree branch, and that’s why I love it!

Sandy Chervenak

Sandy has been camping in Colorado all her life, and went on to study environmental science at the University of Colorado.  From there she went to a wilderness survival skills school in Portland, OR and began working in wilderness therapy.  In the nine years since then, she has been teaching primitive skills to all ages and demographics, finally going on to get a teaching license.  She now teaches high school science during the school year, leaving her free to teach in her favorite classroom over the summer: the outdoors!  While not teaching, Sandy enjoys playing the guitar and piano, playing board games, and doing homesteading projects with her husband.

Andy Howell

Andy hails from the midwest and has studied Primitive Skills, Natural Building (in Ecuador and Oregon), animal processing and hunting, Canoeing Expeditions in the Hudson and Boundary Waters, Backpacking the Continental Divide Trail and Fly Fishing in Remote Alaska.  This Spring he will take part in a one month Primitive Living Skills Immersion Course in Washington.  Andy graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a  Design degree.  He has a passion for teaching youth that comes from his own camp experiences as an adolescent.  Andy is the only straight laced feral person I know!

Jean Frost

Jean is a mover and outdoor happiness person.  She was both a Boy Scout and a Girl Scout and worked with both the Boy Scouts of America and NorCal Girl Scouts.  She loves DanZan Ryu Jujitsu and has been studying martial arts for 15 years.  She's been engaged with parkour for about 3 years now and is fascinated by the intersection between martial arts and parkour arts.  She likes hiking, running, swimming, climbing, general adventuring and teaching.

Evyn Fourd

Evan “Paladin” Ford has been leading youth in outdoor exploration since they began as a YMCA summer camp counselor in 2013. After five years on staff for the YMCA they decided to branch out, and have since worked as a leader for other well known companies such as Trackers Earth and Mad Science! Evan is especially excited to be working with Coyle Outside this summer as the programs offer a unique opportunity for young people to reconnect with the importance of the wild as we grow up in a modern age. There are challenges to be faced in the outdoors which create opportunities for us to better understand ourselves as people, and which cannot be found anywhere else.

Selen Gumen

Selen has been interested in many dance styles ( social latin, breaking, popping, dancehall, jazz, etc.) and sports (Basketball, ice skating, equestrian, etc.) from an early age. She loves moving and sharing movement. She has been dancing for 13 years and her primary style is Hiphop. She is an active member of the Hiphop dance community in Turkey and joins battles and competitions alone or with her crew “Satisfunktion”. For her, dance is a way of self expression and connecting with the environment and others. She studied comunication design in university and wrote her masters thesis on freestyle dance and the Hiphop circle. She also teaches pole dance and fitness at the most famous studio in her home country (Turkey) and occasionally gives parkour lessons for kids to assist her dad, who owns the only Parkour gym in Turkey. The previous year she has been teaching Hiphop dance lessons in İstanbul that focus on musicality, body awareness and creativity.

Randy Bonner

Randall Bonner grew up hunting and fishing in Alabama with his father, who guided hunters for whitetail deer. He is an award-winning author, with dozens of articles published in print magazines and newspapers, and hundreds of articles published online. An avid angler, hunter and forager, he enjoys providing for himself with what mother nature has to offer, as well as sharing his knowledge and skills with others. Deckhanding on a charter boat in Depoe Bay kindled his passion for working with families to create lifelong memories and he hopes to create the same experiences with Coyle Outside.

Bobby Roel

Bobby performs with a dance crew under the name Bobby Digital and has practiced Popping for last 8 years.  He says "What inspires me about the dance is that it allows me to freely express myself no matter how I’m feeling, and it’s such a gift to be able to share that with people."  Bobby grew up in Olympia and now lives in Eugene, OR where he dances regularly with the dance community there.  His goal is to use dance to have youth build confidence and creative energy while expressing themselves more freely.  

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