Instructors - Wilderness, Fishing, Movement
Team consists of active and seasonal staff and changes sometimes faster than the website keeps up with

Daniel Coyle - Founder/Manager

I founded C
oyle Outside after working as a guide, program developer and staff trainer and then School Director/Administrator in the Wilderness Therapy industry for 10 years.  I grew up in NJ and moved to Oregon after graduating from Cornell University in 1994.  After a 5 year career in science and since 1998 my experience working with youth and people outdoors has included leading multiweek wilderness expeditions, instructing primitive and survival skills, climbing, mountain biking, whitewater, surfing and canyoneering.  I have worked extensively with youth contending with mental health, developmental and drug and alcohol diagnoses directly and and in clinical teams.  My original academic training is in evolution and genetics and I am intensely interested in how the beings we have evolved to become, particular children, manage and adapt to the world that we/they have inherited and how this shows up in behaviours, choices and development generally. I have a young daughter and locally I mentor youth regularly.  I also am on the board of a local trail-building organization and I get to design and build trails as well organize, train and supervise volunteers that I work alongside in Corvallis, OR, where I live.
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Sheris Patten - Bend Area Programs Coordinator

Sheris, aka "SnowGoose", is a lifelong educator, wife and mom of two. She's been in love with the outdoors since her teenage years and this has lead to work with a wide variety of youth demographics including clinical and at risk populations, charter schools, homeschool groups and Montessori.  Sheris has developed nature based programming and curriculum at various agencies where she has, among other things, obtained a National Geographic Teachers Certificate and Herbal First Aid Certificate.  "When children show dedication to a challenge they're unstoppable and their positive characteristics shine like a beam of sunlight on a dreary day. My lifelong career is to instill confidence while making connections to the natural world, in hopes that children are likely to fight for, nurture and support our beautiful and wild earth."

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Ingrid Gendreau - Instructor and Website/Media Development

Ingrid is a devoted mushroom identifier, forager, cultivator, and spore dispersal agent who has led mushroom forays all across the cascades and coastal regions of Oregon.


In the outdoor classroom, she is an advocate for young people and their environment and steps in as an intermediary between the two. She uses inquiry-based learning to foster intrigue and build up cognitive skills as her students explore connections with the ecological systems they are inseparable from. 

Ingrid is a disciple of the temperate rainforests of the Pacific Northwest. She gives thanks to her

forager peers in the Oregon Mycological Society for her mentoring in Mt. Hood, Willamette, Deschutes, Gifford Pinchot, and Shasta-Trinity National Forests - and from Portland State University, where she graduated with a biology degree and sustainability minor.

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Hallie Locher

Hallie grew up mountain biking in Wisconsin and graduated with a degree in dietetics. She started her fitness career as a collegiate athlete and found her passion for teaching after ending her sports journey.


Hallie is passionate about teaching group fitness, crossfit and getting outdoors to hit the trails. She moved to Oregon to take a dietetic internship at OSU and developed more experience and love for mountain biking. She is excited to teach youth just how amazing the outdoors and mountain biking can be.

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​Daniel Greholver

Daniel has spent most of his working life outside as an arborist, instructor, and builder. He started his path of learning outdoor skills at the Tracker School in New Jersery, and continues to be not only a student of these skills, but a student of life. His belief is that mastery can only be strived for, and strives to follow the example of his teachers that true mastery is the dedication to learning. 

In the classroom he seeks to focus on what is not known, rather than what is; Daniel seeks to promote an environment of asking questions, rather than espousing knowledge with the hope that everyone has the opportunity to both teach and learn. He believes confidence comes through practice, and focuses on hand-on learning. His aim is to test theoretical knowledge in order to gain real knowledge through hands-on experience. In this way, the focus is learning at least as much through failure as is learned from success. Daniel is passionate about Archery, Bow-Making, and anything which brings one closer to Nature.

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Randy Bonner

Randall Bonner grew up hunting and fishing in Alabama with his father, who guided hunters for whitetail deer. He is an award-winning author, with dozens of articles published in print magazines and newspapers, and hundreds of articles published online. An avid angler, hunter and forager, he enjoys providing for himself with what mother nature has to offer, as well as sharing his knowledge and skills with others.


Deckhanding on a charter boat in Depoe Bay kindled Randy's passion for working with families to create lifelong memories and he hopes to create the same experiences with Coyle Outside.

Isabel Mace-McLatchie​

Isabel started their journey in outdoor and environmental education as a child, participating in various outdoor programs with Trackers Earth, the Audubon Society of Portland, the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, and others. In 2016, when Isabel was in high school, they started volunteering as a student leader with the Multnomah Education Service District’s Outdoor School program at Camp Namanu and fell in love with outdoor and environmental education all over again. Before joining Coyle Outside, Isabel had worked as an instructor and coordinator at Trackers Earth, teaching everything from fishing to fire starting to archery. A student at Oregon State, Isabel is pursuing a degree in Natural Resources and a certificate in Food in Culture and Social Justice. She is particularly fascinated by the way that food shapes humans’ relationships with the environment, and when not outside, can often be found working on something in the kitchen. Isabel’s educational philosophy is entirely kid-focused; she believes that curiosity is the driver of knowledge and that mistakes are valuable learning opportunities.

Ky Carlson

Ky is an adventurous soul with a love for nature, education and wilderness survival skills. His experience in the outdoors started in Boy Scouts, where he received his Eagle Scout Badge, and continued in his work with Whole Earth Nature School in Eugene.


He has five years of outdoor teaching experience and a backpack with everything you'd ever need. 

Delaney Chabot

Delaney grew up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and moved to Oregon two years ago. She has a BA in psychology and biology with additional coursework in education.


Delaney has worked with children with disabilities in both the classroom and the outdoors for more than 5 years. She is passionate about the environment and nature. In her free time she loves to surf, ride horses, mountain bike, and hike. She also enjoys cooking, reading, and spending time with animals.

Beth Barclay - "Nomad"

Beth is an energetic, outdoor loving 32 year old who is so excited to be hanging out with your child this summer! She has been watching children off and on for over ten years as a sitter, live-in and live-out nanny, and camp counselor for both high school age children and younger with other outdoor camps. Beth has had a passion for children for as long as she can remember. Her ultimate goal down the road is to own her daycare for low-income families and single parents. She is an Oregon native though she has earned the title of Nomad from friends and family since she loves moving around and exploring new places. Beth grew up on a ten-acre farm without a television or computer and instead entertained herself with her imagination, climbing trees, fire building, making forts, being an avid reader, archery as per her father's instruction, and a host of other skills that she still uses today. Her hope is that she can teach a few of these skills to the children she is with and instills a love of play, adventure and a lust for life. Bring on the fun!

Michal Schorsch  -  Parkour & Movement

Michal Schorsch is originally from Bronx, NY but has been living in the Portland area on & off since 2018. In college she studied dance and different religious traditions and since then, her love of movement has taken her all over the world.


She lived in Portugal for a year where she trained in all sorts of forms including Capoeira Angola, contact improvisation, parkour, and contemporary floorwork. She is very excited to share new skills with kids this summer and knows she will learn a lot from them too!

Travis Noble Graves  -  Parkour & Movement

Travis is a long-time parkour practitioner and coach. He founded the country’s first official parkour club at the University of Michigan in 2006 before relocating to DC to be the head coach and program director for American Parkour Academy, the world’s first parkour gym. There he taught thousands of students of all ages and backgrounds.


As an athlete, Travis has competed on TV shows such as American Ninja Warrior, Jump City Seattle, and World Chase Tag. Travis has done performances, workshops, coaching seminars and stunts all over the world, and loves to share the joy of movement with everyone!

Autumn Jernigan

Autumn Jernigan couldn’t be more excited to be a camp instructor! Her childcare experience comes from her work at Muddy Creek Charter school, where she is an Inclusion Specialist for the 4th grade class.


Autumn has love and passion for the great outdoors and for healing through the beauty of mother nature. She is excited to share her love for nature and outdoor skills with every child she meets.

Bethany Bender

Bethany is a vibrant young female from Southeast Colorado. She earned a bachelors in Environmental Sustainability from University of Northern Colorado in 2015 and never passes up an opportunity to self-educate. Some of her ventures this year include constructing an earthship shelter and visiting Raisin Bred Alpaca farm for Earth day!


When she is not out exploring our beautiful Earth, she can be found at home with her partner Andy and her pup Dexter. The three of them enjoy hiking, working in their container garden and climbing up the occasional tree. Bethany finds that there are so many wondrous aspects of this world, and she is thrilled to enchant the young minds of falling in love with our planet as she has.

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Jessie Krebs (SERE Training School)

Jessie spent four years as an Air Force Survival, Escape, Resistance and Evasion Instructor.  One of less than 10 women in a group of over 250 elite instructors teaching Navy Seals, Army Rangers and many other military in the arts of survival.  She spent 11 years working with at risk teens in the Wilderness where she further honed both her people and wilderness skills.  Jessie is a committed and passionate teacher who truly lives to pass on her knowledge.  She runs her own school in Colorado and is a special guest instructor with Coyle Outside.  ANY chance you get to take a class with Jessie is not to be missed.

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Andy Howell

Andy hails from the midwest and has studied Primitive Skills, Natural Building (in Ecuador and Oregon), animal processing and hunting, Canoeing Expeditions in the Hudson and Boundary Waters, Backpacking the Continental Divide Trail and Fly Fishing in Remote Alaska.  This spring he will take part in a one month Primitive Living Skills Immersion Course in Washington.  Andy graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a  Design degree.  He has a passion for teaching youth that comes from his own camp experiences as an adolescent.  Andy is the only straight laced feral person I know!