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Toddler/Youth Programs

Summer 2023

Forest Gang

Willamette Park Rotary Shelter

9am-12pm | Ages 2-5

Designed as a drop off/pick up program with some exceptions for younger participants or appropriate circumstances. 

Min 4 participants with 2 instructors.

Early childhood is a short period of time that impacts the entire lifespan. By age 6, 90% of adult brain volume is formed so these years have critical influences. The foundation built in early childhood has implications, not only in social and academic achievement, but also in physical health outcomes. By taking advantage of the unique setting of an outdoor program, your child won't miss out on this critical time! Through exploring nature as a Forest Gang, participants form critical neurological/socio-emotional pathways (available uniquely through engagement with the outdoors) that extend far beyond the scope of this program. Don't miss out on this special chance for your little one! Register for one or more days weekly. You are encouraged to phone Dan at Coyle Outside with any questions. Come dressed for the weather with snacks and water.


Mondays 9am-12pm​

Tuesdays 9am-12pm

Wednesdays 9am-12pm

Thursdays 9am-12pm


Toddler Programs

Youth Programs

Spoon Carving with Kiko Denzer

June 17 | Ages 13+

Taught by artisan crafter/carver Kiko Denzer, guest instructor

Learn the art of hand-carving a spoon from a branch. Carving your own spoon opens a doorway into traditional, sculptural wood-craft, from toys to bowls to chairs to houses. In this class, the only tools you'll use are a saw, hatchet, and two knives (all tools will be provided). Material is local green wood, typically a branch of alder. We’ll also cover the properties of various woods, effective grips and tool techniques, 3-D design, tool sharpening and maintenance, Oil & other finishes. Small class, individual instruction. Bring your own lunch. Class size limited to 12. 10-5.

$100 + $15 materials
Discounts available to participants who can document financial qualification. Please inquire.

Instructor bio: Kiko Denzer has been teaching art and craft for about 25 years; spoon carving since about 2010; I also turn bowls on a foot-powered lathe. "I started carving stone at ten, and went to Italy at 17 to carve marble. Bill Coperthwaite put a crooked knife in my hand during a 2007 yurt-building workshop. Few folks need a marble statue, but everyone can use a beautiful wooden spoon!" Kiko also publishes at



Intro Blacksmithing for Families

Ages 8+

Session 1 | July 22  9am-12pm

Session 2 | July 22  1pm-4pm

Session 3 | July 23  9am-12pm

Session 4 | July 23  1pm-4pm

This program is designed for families looking for a nature based, experiential approach to education. We will meet or field trip to various sites while following a week to week curriculum of skills based lessons and explorations. Borrowing from the Coyle Outside Outdoor School Curriculum participants will, for example, learn about Geography through learning Navigation, study native Fauna through Tracking, Physics and Engineering through survival traps, Aquatic Ecology through Fishing, and introduction to Chemistry through Fire building, Plant Anatomy through knifecraft, Meteorology and Habitat through Shelter building etc.. Students will have time to explore and play, build relationships, learn to solve problems, communicate, lead and follow more effectively.

Toddler Progams
Toddler Programs
Youth Programs
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