Backpacking for beginners, Teen/Youth Expeditions, Wilderness and Survival Skills Workshops

Wilderness Survival, Fishing, Parkour and Movement, Girl's Earth Skills, Crafter's Camp

Fall 2020 OUTSchool Program, Oregon Outdoor School, After School, Enrichment Programs, Homeschooling

For students, adults and families.  Want to be more competent, confident, and connected to the natural world?  Do you want these for your students or children?  Coyle Outside schedules compelling and engaging courses privately and with Schools and Cities in:

What is Coyle Outside All About?  

  • DIFFERENCE MAKING.  We program and train with purpose.   Students develop themselves in more than just skills.

  • We are COLLABORATIVE.  90% of our programs are partnerships with Schools, Cities or Non Profits.  Ask us for a reference!

  • Our Instructors are NOMADS.  We travel to bring programs where they don't already happen.  Ask us about your town.