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Testimonials & News

I wanted to take a moment and send you a quick note. My boys are currently attending the camp at Catoctin Creek Park and they are having the BEST week ever. They have done & experienced so many great adventures and learnt incredibly valuable lesson all thanks to Nic & Shayla.  There are countless of fascinating stories they have shared with us and we are (my husband and I) beyond impressed with the camp and the instructors. Nic & Shayla are truly incredible and have made the camp a blast for all involved.

Thank you for bringing such a wonderful opportunity to Frederick County. We hope that you will offer the camp again next summer!!

We just wanted to touch back with you re Caden and the River Trip. This week he had a couple of "I'm different" moments where he reflected on things he was doing differently now than he would have done before the river trip. There are three or four times this week he commented, though I can only clearly remember a couple. I think it was a confidence thing, along with his comment, that he didn't really worry as much about what others thought of him anymore. He said that you can't spend 5-days with the same group of people in such close proximity and continue to care about what they think of your every action. I think this was free-ing for him, as well as a confidence booster. I know there are a few others.... but we wanted to circle back to you... the effects of the trip are incredibly positive and continue long after the trip. He is really looking forward to more trips like that - THANK YOU!!

I'm sending you this email to first express how excellent Dan (the survival enrichment) was with the children.
He took questions, he adjusted his dialogue for the different ages, and he engaged with all of the children in a positive manner.
(Even the 1st graders when they got distracted by a squirrel on the fence. He took the time to be distracted with them.)
I personally thanked Dan after his time was done. He mentioned how great our kids were to both Marla and I.
I'd have Dan return to 'present' again.

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