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Becoming a Coyle Outside Instructor



Instructor Recruitment Message from Founder

Openings: We are already planning for next year and we are available to talk about work for teachers, students and anyone looking to make an adventure out of next Summer. We have ongoing training and work shadow opportunities including our monthly Skills Trade Wednesday nights for instructors and instructor candidates/curious - be in touch at 541-760-0774.

To work here we want you to be up to something in life.  We are looking for instructors who feel the need to make a difference as much as the need to have a paycheck. Our instructor team is expected to develop themselves as guides and mentors for our participants while also developing strong working relationships with co instructors that build a strong culture and keep standards high. 

Many, if not most, of our programs have been the brainchild of or inspired by the initiative and talent of individual instructors whether that be our fishing and archery camps or our expansion to new states.  Our instructors are self sufficient, autonomous and adventurous OR they are committed to developing themselves in these ways.  The work is challenging and rewarding and instructors are at the same time highly independent and part of a larger culture. 

We provide training in instruction approach, group and behavior management and technical outdoor skills.  Our instructors work largely autonomously and with limited supervision and are confident and ready to be responsible.  All instructors are on a first name basis with the founder/owner.


Year round we are looking for unique people who are ready to both stretch themselves and contribute to something larger

  • Make a difference for youth and impact their experience of themselves and what is possible for the future of their world

  • Commit to and explore the power of nature based experiential education 

  • Challenge and develop your own personal and professional sense of adventure and self sufficiency/autonomy 

  • Develop your own outdoor skills competency  and/or use your  developed passion/skills in an instructional role  

What to expect:

  • In person, video based and subsidized training opportunities year round including our 1 week intensive Summer Instructor Training

  • A culture and community of like minded (and not always like minded) instructors and administrators with a shared goal of impacting the world through nature based education

  • Work opportunities in a variety of locations and with a variety of age groups.  Some instructors travel extensively and some work closer to home

  • We operate outdoors in public domains where we encounter and engage the public daily

  • Online and teaching resources to support instructors delivery of programs

  • Competitive Wages

Find our current list of openings and apply here:

We have the following opportunities:

  • Fall/Winter/Spring Corvallis Area Youth Skills Instructors

  • Traveling & Regional (OR, WA, CO) Summer Programs Head Instructors - Wilderness, Fishing, Archery and Parkour

  • Traveling & Regional (OR, WA, CO) Summer Programs Co Instructor - Wilderness, Fishing, Archery and Parkour

  • Adult/Teen Programs Skills Instructor

  • Junior Counselor - Youth from 12-18 who want to assist at one of our local camps.  This is a special program for youth who demonstrate passion, responsibility and initiative.  Contact Daniel Coyle at 541-760-0774

Please follow the link to apply for openings.  Or, if you are feeling old school you can send your resume with references (you should have recent references from supervisors, employers and/or coaches/mentors - send any references that can attest to your experience working with youth or working in the outdoors) to or give Dan a call at 541-760-


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