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Design by Request


  • School group looking to take on an 8th grade backpacking experience, experiential enrichment on campus or ???​​​​

  • Women's wilderness skills workshop the second week of next month?

  • After school foraging, archery, fishing or ?? on a different day of the week?

  • Spring, Winter or Summer break camp for your cohort of families?

Custom Camps

With sufficient notice Coyle Outside will schedule a camp for groups and coops so you can be assured of the camp you want on the dates that work for you with the friends you want to do it with.  Cost is typically comparable to our Parks and Rec camps. 


  1. Call 541-760-0774 or email Dan at

  2. Determine type of camp/trip, location and dates

  3. Camps and trips can include day and overnight programs as well as backpacking trips​

  4. Coyle Outside will generate a custom registration for your group/camp

  5. Spread the word and share the registration link amongst your group. 

IF you think we might be able to pull it off but you don't see it advertised give us a call.

The scheduled programming we offered never fits the needs of everyone.  Many of our best and enduring programs were initiated by a parent or school with a special request.

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