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Coyle Outside was founded in 2011 by Daniel Coyle and currently runs programs year round in Oregon and seasonally in Maryland, Washington, Colorado.  Predominantly we create public/private partnerships with Parks and Recreation Departments and School Districts to provide Summer Camps, After School and Outdoor School Curriculum.  We like to focus on towns, small cities and small to medium sized school districts where there is demand for quality outdoor programming and outdoor education but may not be resources locally to reliably meet the demand.  We also directly provide private programs through our online registration.  Much of our curriculum and programming has been the result of past and former instructors who have introduced and developed various camps and workshops.  We strive to use our basic business platform including our insurance, contacts, online presence and registration to connect ambitious and creative instructors with people eager to learn.  We partner and collaborate with several amazing outdoor schools, instructors and programs and are happy to share our network of contacts with folks who want to help people get outside.  

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About Us

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