Oregon Outdoor School

 We provide outdoor school curriculum for interested schools or districts throughout Oregon.

  • Our Instructor Team travels throughout the state to your chosen ODS location.  We come to you.

  • We provide assistance sourcing ODS facilities and work closely with facilities for easier administration/management.

  • We provide curriculum/instruction for overnight, field trip based and special population ODS.

  • Our programming is hands on and experiential and aligned with state standards.  Students love it!

  • We have provided Curriculum to several schools and districts.  Ask us for references.

  • Our goal is to impact student connection to and curiosity in the natural world 

Public & Charter Schools - We provide curriculum that fits the schedule and location your school has chosen.  We design curriculum that weaves together experiential learning, demonstration, relevance to physical and social science and inspiration (connection to the natural world). Our instructional modules include but is not limited to Experiential/Hands On exercises with the following:

  • Shelter (improvised and primitive) as an access to learning about animal behaviour and habitat

  • Fire (camping and primitive) - exposure to principles of chemistry, ecology and anthropology

  • Navigation (contemporary and natural types) as an access to Oregon geography and Ecosystem Characteristics

  • Cordage and knots - Mechanical Advantage, Leverage and Friction

  • Fishing as an access to habitat understanding, anatomy, human interaction and more.

  • Wilderness First Aid (wound care, splinting, shock care etc.) - 

  • Foraging as an exploration of regional botany, biodiversity and human interaction.

  • Tracking as a study of animal diversity, structure/anatomy, behaviour and human interaction/use.

  • Knife use/safety as an opportunity to understand wood and tree biology and structure

  • Signalling and emergency preparedness

  • Stone Age Skills

  • Archery

How our curriculum is designed to meet various NGSS state standards here 

A concise breakdown of the experiential field study activities we offer

We pride ourselves on creating long term partnerships with schools such that we can best understand and deliver on the unique values, infrastructure and culture a given district is defined by.  We also work hard to have our curriculum satisfy all or most of the curriculum standards set forth by the State.  We are able to work with relatively large groups in short time segments (ie, 40 kids in a 50 minute lesson) 

Homeschooling Groups and Private Schools  - We develop and provide an overnight or day based Outdoor School Week for your Homeschool Group or Private School at your chosen location (we can assist in securing a site).  We can also run expedition/backpacking trips with up to 10 students in a group providing environmental science, experiential learning and life skills.  Our public school curriculum can be adapted to meet the academic needs of your group or we can focus on a more experiential week.