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Our Camps occur largely through partnerships with Municipal and County Parks and Recreation Departments (with some privately offered camps that are often a little "edgier").  All of these partnered camps thrive off the relationships we build with staff and families in each town we work with.   Our staff travel throughout the year to provide curriculum and experiential learning in Wilderness and Survival, Primitive Skills, Fishing and Parkour and Movement Arts.  Age ranges, prices and registration methods vary according to the town but some general norms are outlined here.  Our Parks and Rec registration page gives you direct links to registration in each town.

Wilderness Survival Camps   - 

Our 5 day camps teach a combination of survival and primitive skills.  The intention of these camps is to build confidence, communication skills and good judgement, largely through scenario based challenges.​  Skills taught/practiced include but not limited to shelters, fire building, wilderness medicine, teamwork, traps, orienteering, crisis management, cordage, stone and bone tools, basketry, fishing and food gathering, and primitive pottery. While other naturalist and survival camps give kids exposure to many of the concepts/skills above few of them have the practical knowledge/familiarity to provide significant hands on experimentation with more than a few of these.

  • half (4hr) and full (7hr) day camps

  • monday - friday

  • 6-9 years old, 9-14 y.o.

  • call, or check with your local Parks & Rec about camps, see our links on our registration page

  • typically $225 for half day and $315 for full day (depending on city)​

Girls Earth Skills Camps 

Participants work in teams and on their own learning and mastering new skills like knots, knife use, shelter building and fire.  We explore the natural world so that participants may discover connections that will enrich their lives and experience.  Instructors guide and empower participants through lessons, scenarios, conversations and play.  Other skills taught include cordage, signaling, first aid, self care in the back country, orienteering and more.

  • 9am - 4pm

  • monday - friday

  • 9-14 y.o.

  • call, or check with your local Parks & Rec about camps, see our links on our registration page

  • typically $315 (depending on city)​

Fish Hunters Camps  

In this 5 day camp we explore local fishing holes and lots of "angles" on fishing!  From Rod and reel to fly fishing, tackle, cleaning fish, bait and primitive fishing methods we cover it all and then some.  Camps typically from 9 to either 1 or 4 pm depending on location. We also do one day fishing workshops.

Ninja Warrior Movement Arts: Circus, Parkour & Stealth 

These camps teach students various forms of movement to develop body awareness and coordination, explosiveness and control.  Curriculum includes ninja warrior obstacle course training, stealth and stalking techniques, tumbling, free running, object manipulation (juggling, balancing and throwing), slack line balance work, circus arts (stage fighting, low element acrobatics etc.)  For 2019 we have American Ninja Warrior multiple year finalist Elet Hall, international instructor and performer Jereme Sanders and Award Winning Dance/Martial Arts and Movement Instructor Adrian Lobo on board.  

  • 9am - 4pm (Little Ninjas 9am - 2pm)

  • monday - friday

  • 10-14 y.o. (Little Ninjas 6-9)

  • call, or check with your local Parks & Rec about camps, see our links on our registration page

  • typically $355 (depending on city)​ (Little Ninjas typically $265)

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