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Summer Camp Information

Summer camps in partnership with local Parks & Rec or directly through Coyle Outside

Check Registration or be in touch to schedule a camp or trip for your group

Summer Schedule, Calendar, and Registration for all locations available late winter/early spring

Instructors travel to provide programs in Wilderness and Survival, Primitive Skills, Fishing, Bushcraft, Wildcrafting and Parkour & Movement Arts.  Age ranges, prices and registration methods vary according to location.  Our Parks & Rec registration pages are updated and uploaded in late winter/early spring with direct links and specifics to registration in each location.

Wilderness Survival Camps (Intro Survival, Wild Survival, and Survival Scout)  
Making More Adventurous People

5 day camps occur at local sites/parks where we teach a combination of survival, stealth and primitive skills along with freeplay and games that provide socialization and fun.  Whether or not these skills ever save your life they will definitely leave you better positioned to take on future adventures.  The intention of these camps is to build confidence, competence, character and connection, largely through scenario based small team challenges.​  Skills taught/practiced include but not limited to shelters, fire building, wilderness medicine, knifecraft, teamwork, traps, orienteering, crisis management, knots, cordage, foraging, fishing and food/water gathering. We train our teams to provide depth and breadth of curriculum in each camp.

  • partial (5.5hr-Intro) and full (7hr-Survival Scout and Wild Survival) day camps

  • typical age groupings 6-9  (Intro) , 8-11 (Wild Survival) and 10-14 (Survival Scout)

Girls Wildcrafting (formerly Girls Earth Skills)

Participants work in teams and on their own learning and mastering new skills similar to what we teach in our standard Survival Skills Camps.  Instructors and participants explore the natural world so that participants may discover connections that will enrich their lives and experience.  Instructors guide and empower participants through lessons, scenarios, conversations and play.  Other skills taught include cordage, signaling, first aid, self care in the back country, orienteering and more.

  • m-fr, 7 hr day camp

  • 10-14 y.o.

Fish, Forage, Fire!  
For the modern-day hunter gatherer!

We practice archery, food gathering and fish local spots, learning about native edibles, medicinals and utility foraging.  We develop ourselves as archers ready for the hunt or the target field.   Students gain a diversity of skills and awareness transitioning between the various and ancestral disciplines for gathering and procuring sustenance.  We learn to bait and cast, clean and cook, identify and process and aim and shoot!  

  • 9am-4pm

  • 8-13 y.o.

Nature Makers Bushcrafting (formerly Bushcrafter Camp)
Build. Cool. Stuff!

Participants build and craft all week.  Go home with what you complete.  Instructors choose from a long list of projects such as survival bows, wood spoons, survival bracelets, leather bags, trap sets, feather sticks, naturally dyed T shirts, bushcraft boats, topo maps and more.  We master fundamental skills like knife safety and skills, knots and cordage on our way to making cool crafts from natural materials!  

  • 9am-4pm

  • 8-12 y.o.

Ninja Warrior Parkour
Become stronger, stealthier and tired ;)

These kinetic camps teach students various forms of movement in the outdoors to develop body awareness & coordination, explosiveness and precision.  Curriculum includes designing and running our own ninja warrior obstacle courses, stealth and stalking techniques, tumbling, free running, dance components,  object manipulation (juggling, balancing and throwing), slack line balance work, circus arts (stage fighting, low element acrobatics etc.)   

  • 9am - 3pm 

  • monday - friday

  • 9-14 y.o.

Nature Rx

Free Play and Nature Discovery for Toddlers

Our youngest participants practice free play exploring the park looking for opportunities to discover nature all around them.  This kid directed camp lets our toddlers explore in the outdoors with shelter building, art projects, songs, sit spot awareness exercises and, mostly, just being outside on an adventure.  

  • 9am-1pm

  • 3-5 y.o.

Backpacking Trips, Biking Camps and Field Trip Programs

On a more limited basis we regularly run backpacking trips for youth, Mtn Biking Camps and Field Trip style camps that allow participants to visit and practice skills in regional locations beyond what immediately local sites there are.  These can be found on our registration drop down in Summer and throughout the year as they get scheduled.

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