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100% OUTSIDE from a program that ran 55 week-long, Covid free youth camps in 2020

Its early to find hard evidence for the efficacy of school POD groups on academic performance and mental/social health.  Its our belief that being IN a safe learning POD can provide youth with a unique and intimate friendship and social experience.  It may be one of the few silver linings that some students are experiencing from the 2020 experience.  Alongside our ability and interest in getting students outside we are available for both:

Contact us if you belong to an existing/established academic POD that want to add a customized outdoor component 







Out Pod Structure - Spring 2021

9 week session - Each week students participate in one of the following program components.  Students are assessed and provided mentoring and feedback regarding development of Teamwork, Personal Responsibility, Initiative & Competency.

  • Wednesday afternoon training - Pod participants meet outside locally to work on skills they will apply during later overnight camping and backpacking trips.  Shelter, Knife Work, Fire, Packing, Cooking, Navigation etc.

  • Field Trips - Pod travels to explore regional natural areas, historical sites, natural resource site and/or wildlife/botanical sites to enrich program experience, provide inspiration and develop group social cohesion

  • Overnight Camping Trip - 2 day overnight trip to regional (within 2 hours) area to apply and develop skills practiced during afternoon sessions.  Participants propose trip locations and activities.  Students set up personal shelter, build fire, cook and work as a team to accomplish basic tasks.

  • Backpacking Expedition - 3 day, 2 night trip into a regional (within 2.5 hours of Corvallis) Wilderness Area.  This is the culminating event of the OutPod Session and students are challenged to apply skills learned in the most challenging environment/context.




We have instructors available to work with established PODs providing outdoor experiences on a regular basis that fits the interests and/or needs of your POD and the families of the POD.  Working with groups in this fashion affords a great deal of flexibility to create experiences that students are most excited about.  Everything from lessons on bushcraft skills to mushroom hunting hikes, fishing forays, archery or frisbee golf, we can create something that takes advantage of the particular interests and passion of your POD.

For the students who would benefit from joining an established POD we can help you.  Contact us to find out what options exist to become part of a stable POD group of similar aged students for online work and/or an outdoor programming POD.