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~ Summer Camp Instructors ~
Wilderness, Fishing, Movement


Victoria "Vee" Guarnaccia  |  Intro Survival - Crafter's - Fish, Forage, Fire

Victoria (Vee) Guarnaccia loves animals, the outdoors, and learning new things! She has a fluffy brown dog who’s nickname is “Smooch,” a smelly and silly horse named Sumpter, and a Beta Fish named Peonie.

In her spare time Vee likes to read books, go on nature walks, and spend time trying new things. Vee believes that any problem can be solved with enough critical thinking and patience, and tries to encorporate that and all things science into daily lessons. Vee designs curriculum for campfire cooking, Forest Gang outdoor preschool, and works with a host of different programs (she joins everything she can). Although not trained or perfect at it, she also likes to sing, dance, and play a variety of instruments for fun — just to keep the hamster-wheel in her brain spinning!

Carolyn Kachuk   Wilderness Survival - Crafter's - Fish, Forage, Fire

Carolyn is interested in animals, traveling, camping, reading, learning new skills, trying new things, and exploring our amazing world. Carolyn particularly loves being around water where there is always something magical to witness, whether that be in the middle of the ocean, diving below the surface, or exploring a nearby creek. Carolyn has a background in chemistry and marine biology and has always been inspired to work with youth. She hopes to share some of the science, wonder, and discovery she sees around her in nature as every day outside brings something new to experience.

Julian Varah-Sikes  |  Wilderness Survival

Julian originally hails from the outskirts of Los Angeles, but has been proud to call himself an Oregonian for over a decade. With a degree in Biology from Lewis & Clark, Julian has plied the trade of Outdoor Education all across the West coast. Whether it’s practicing woodcarving on the beach, gathering edible plants in the Sierra Nevadas, or constructing elaborate shelters in the forests of Oregon, Julian is proud to call the “great outside” his home and happy place. Julian has a strong background in ecology and evolution, and brings a science-oriented lens to any skill he teaches- he likes to say that a good survivalist doesn’t just understand how it works, they understand why it works. With a love for corny jokes and convoluted tales of the outdoors, guiding today’s youth on their first adventures in the outdoors is not only a job to him- it’s his favorite thing to do.

Robbin Stevenson  |  Nature Rx - Girls Earth Skills

Robbin has a bachelor’s degree in Human Development and she spent most of her professional life working with special education programs, preschools, and early childcare. Besides working for Coyle Outside, Robbin also owns a daycare center in Corvallis. ​Robbin and her husband moved to Corvallis more than 10 years ago and she is “Mom” to 4 young girls. While she was born and raised in SoCal, Willamette Valley is her heart’s home. She is passionate about her local ecology and her community. Most of herfree time is spent supporting her girls' school, Muddy Creek Charter School, volunteering with Willamette Riverkeeper, playing Ukulele, and hiking and kayaking with her family.

Melissa Jasper  |  Wilderness Survival - Fish, Forage, Fire

Originally from Colorado, Melissa moved to Oregon in April 2022. She has an abundance of camping and hiking experience, loves to kayak, canoe, and birdwatch, and has worked with kids off and on since 2005. From 2016 to 2020, Melissa worked seasonally as an interpretive park ranger for the National Park Service. Helping junior rangers learn about the parks became one of her favorite things about the job, and she is excited to continue working with kids outdoors and helping them connect to their environment.

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