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School Year Programs 

100% Outside and anti Covid

After School Hour programs / Day Programs / Field Trip Programs

Programs for three age groups

Early Bird discounts and Latecomer Prorated pricing

Don't see what you need?  Be in touch.  Many programs are initiated by well timed requests.

Fall 2021


Forest Gang (Corvallis) 9a-12p, 2-5 yo

Fall Forest Gang - Willamette Park - Provides a impactful free play experience to participants at a critical developmental age. Lead Instructor and Programmatics designer Robbin Stevenson brings diverse and broad training and experience as an early childhood development educator.  She is a mother of 4 and operates her own successful childcare program, Robbin's Nest.  Early childhood is a short period of time that truly lasts a lifetime. By age 6, a child has developed 90% of their adult brain volume, and these early years have critical impact on long term development. The foundation built in early childhood has implications, not only in social and academic achievement, but also in physical health outcomes. By taking advantage of the unique setting of an outdoor program, your child won't miss out on this critical time! Through exploring nature as a Forest Gang, participants form critical neurological/socio-emotional pathways (available uniquely through engagement with the outdoors) that extend far beyond the scope of this program. Don't miss out on this special chance for your little one! Register for one or more days weekly. You are encouraged to phone Dan at Coyle Outside with any questions. Come dressed for the weather with snacks and water.


Tuesdays 9am-12pm

Wednesdays 9am-12pm

Thursdays 9am-12pm

Wild Tribe (Corvallis) 9am-2pm, 6-9 yo

Wild Tribe is meant for homeschooling and distance learning families or any family that wants to dedicate one day a week to outdoor education.  This program provides an active, physical, social and experiential education.  Instructors work with younger grade school age youth focusing on blending  wilderness and naturalist content/curriculum with student lead exploration and adventure.  Over the course of the season daily expeditions, counsel discussions and month or semester long projects may involve looking for amphibians or finding dry tinder, talking about friendship or video game time or working on survival bows or natural shelter.  Wild Tribe truly creates a wild nature experience and a social tribe experience that connects its participants to the natural world and childhood play and relationships.  Programs vary somewhat according to location and lead instructor.

Adventure Clan (Corvallis) 3-5:30p, 6-9 yo

Adventure Clan is an afternoon and after school hours program for any family looking to keep outdoor play, education and connection reliably scheduled into the week.  Research and intuition both point to the incredible value of time spent being human in the natural world as a child.  Similar in theme and content to Wild Tribe this program provides an active, physical, social and experiential education where participants develop relationships through shared exploration, team projects and scenarios.   Participants may play a camoflaging game, build boats from natural materials, make maps of the site they are using or take part in a marshmellow and hot dog cookout that they build the fire for.  Adventure Clan keeps nature a regular experience and social opportunity in your participants year.  Programs vary somewhat according to location and lead instructor.

Survival Science and Immersive Foraging & Wildcraft

(Corvallis) 9a-2p, 8-12 yo

These programs, lead respectively by Delaney Chabot and Ingrid Gendreau, develop participant knowledge and wisdom of the natural world.  Both represent great opportunities for families of grade school age homeschoolers or distance learners to get some hands on science and skills education.  Survival Science uses experiments and lessons in bushcraft and survival skills to teach concepts as diverse as biology, physics, geology and taxonomy.  Foraging and Wildcraft involves a highly developed curriculum that has students exploring temporal, physical and spatial changes in the natural environment and playing with diverse projects such as wild salads and teas or fire making fungi.   See registration for more details.

Activity Afternoons (Corvallis) 3-5/5:30, 9-14 yo

These offerings have a theme activity each day of the week.  Choose the day(s) and/or activity(ies) that work for your child and attend those days each week of the given Fall/Winter/Spring session you register for.  Various instructors with expertise in the given activity work with a stable group building skills and social cohesion.

Archery Mondays

Mtn Biking Tuesdays

Camp Cook and Craft Thursdays

Open-Teen/Adult BushCraft Fridays (5:30-7pm)

Field Scout Immersive (Corvallis) 9-14 yo

This program includes 2 Weekend Workshops (9-4pm), 3 Field Trips and overnight camping trip and a 3 day backpacking trip.  This program is for adventurous and focused participants who want to build competency and judgement with outdoor skills and for outdoor trips.  We will teach from our newly developed skills inventory and this program will assess each participants evolution in hard skills and leadership and communication skills.  We will include short discussions on leadership, crisis management, communication and decision making during each session.  Overnight trips will occur late in the Fall and this is intentional so that students will be able to test their skills against rainy season Oregon weather conditions.  By the way, we recommend this program for any participant who may want to someday become a junior instructor with Coyle Outside.  Lead by Daniel Coyle and Ingrid Gendreau.

Bushcraft & Survival Teen/Adult Friday evening

Each Friday night we will get together, usually at the Coyle Outside fire pit and shelter, to spend 90 minutes on skills.  Lead typically by Daniel Coyle this weekly progression will loosely follow our Wilderness Skills Immersion Course curriculum including topics such as knife skills and safety, fire, shelter, navigation, knots, cordage, and get into some parallel topics that fit the group interest and could include traps, tracking, primitive skills, foraging etc.  Guest instructors are likely and anyone with skills to share/teach should be in touch with us.

AND check these local offerings out and tell them we sent you!  We recommend them all highly.

Regenerative Roots Non Profit Homeschool Programs - Be in touch with Paul as they are currently developing their plans for the Fall

Fern and Feather Forest School - Brian offers amazing free play, 100% outside nature connection programming for pre school age youth.  

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