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School Enrichment Programs

We design and deliver experiential outdoor programming to enrich or broaden the learning experience at your school.  

  • After-school Programs

  • Outdoor Experiential Classes for In School - Day or Week Long 

After School Enrichment - If your school is looking for ways to enrich the experience of students enrolled in after school programs we provide hands on workshops that provide opportunities for students to learn new skills, connect to the natural world and build common sense and judgement.

  • Shelters (improvised and primitive)

  • Fire (camping and primitive)

  • Navigation (contemporary and natural types)

  • Wilderness First Aid (wound care, splinting, shock care etc.)

  • Knife use/safety, maintenance and sharpening

  • Signalling and emergency preparedness

  • Stone Age Skills

Outdoor Experiential Programming  - Are you interested in deepening the experience and quality of  a science class?  A history or anthropology class?  We work with teachers to provide curriculum in which students go outside, work in teams and solve interesting survival and wilderness skills problems.  They learn basic and advanced concepts in physics, chemistry and biology while also developing communication, leadership and judgement.  Along the way we relate lessons to human history and the environment in ways that inspire curiousity and the pursuit of more information and competency.

Our modules can be designed as a 50 minute guest lecture and experience, a day long field trip workshop or a multi day or multi week progression.  We have worked with:

  • Private Schools

  • Public Charter Schools

  • Conventional Public Schools

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