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Our Homeschool Program is a mixture of science based environmental education and experiential skills learning.  Students learn fundamental concepts of biology, geography and physics while learning to build fire, shelter and track animals.  These series are typically 10-12 weeks long for 4 hours once a week.  

Winter Corvallis - Jan 9 - March 19 - This series with environmental education and natural sciences teacher Kylee Halama will mix skills learning (shelters, fire, knives, tracking etc.) with the natural sciences.  Students will both develop skills through structured and unstructured exploration of survival and wilderness scenarios and teachings AND Kylee will guide them to connect these new found skills to fundamental concepts in physical and environmental sciences.  Kylee provides weekly updates of learning adventures and mixes in several guest presenters and field trips.

Curriculum topics may include:

  • Oregon Habitats

  • Wetlands

  • Birds

  • Mammals

  • Tracks

  • Nocturnal Nature

  • Survival Skills

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