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Youth Programs

Winter 2023

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Programs for Toddlers

Forest Gang

Willamette Park Rotary Shelter

9am-12pm | Ages 2-5

Designed as a drop off/pick up program with some exceptions for younger participants or appropriate circumstances. 

Min 4 participants with 2 instructors.

Early childhood is a short period of time that impacts the entire lifespan. By age 6, 90% of adult brain volume is formed so these years have critical influences. The foundation built in early childhood has implications, not only in social and academic achievement, but also in physical health outcomes. By taking advantage of the unique setting of an outdoor program, your child won't miss out on this critical time! Through exploring nature as a Forest Gang, participants form critical neurological/socio-emotional pathways (available uniquely through engagement with the outdoors) that extend far beyond the scope of this program. Don't miss out on this special chance for your little one! Register for one or more days weekly. You are encouraged to phone Dan at Coyle Outside with any questions. Come dressed for the weather with snacks and water.


Mondays 9am-12pm​

Tuesdays 9am-12pm

Wednesdays 9am-12pm

Thursdays 9am-12pm


Toddler Art & Craftwork Masterclass

Tuesdays at Coyle Outside

3:15-4:15pm | Ages 2-5

We will meet at Coyle Outside and class will be based out of our 22' wood stove heated Tipi. Parents will have proximity to Tried and True Coffee Shop conveniently just down the street. By design, this class will run concurrently with a gradeschool Bushcrafting class and will give participants  supervised interaction with a larger age range at particular opportunities.

Masterclass comes to Toddlers! ;) Vee will lead participants through fun tasks and challenges to let them dive into various arts and crafts. Participants will get the chance to play with paint, chalk, sculpturing projects and more on their way to furthering their creative energies and indulging their power of imagination in the way only toddlers can!


Vee is the lead instructor for our Free Play toddler program Forest Gang that happens year round.


Toddler Tools & Tasks Masterclass

Thursdays at Coyle Outside

3:15-4:15pm | Ages 2-5

We will meet at Coyle Outside and class will be based out of our 22' wood stove heated Tipi. Parents will have easy proximity to Tried and True Coffee Shop conveniently just down the street. By design, this class will run concurrently with a gradeschool age Campcooking class that will allow instructors to provide participants with supervised interaction between a large age range at particular opportunities.

Masterclass comes to Toddlers! ;) Ingrid will lead participants through fun tasks and challenges to let them explore, safely, using cutting tools, impact tools, rope and more. Through a combination of supervision and replacing conventional tools with kid safe versions we will get to play in all the ways that participants often have limits at home. Amongst other things we will practice cutting, striking/hammering, tying, wrapping, opening, closing, placing, dropping and throwing tools and objects.

Ingrid is a great mix of avid bushcrafter with a real passion for tools and tool use and one of our toddler free play program's instructors with experience leading toddlers safely through adventure and exploration. This one hour class provides a concentrated and focused window of time to dig into some fun "big kid" activities, setting them up for future confidence and competency with conventional, everyday life-skills.

Afterschool Programs

Bushcrafting Tuesdays

Tuesdays at Coyle Outside

3-5:30pm | Ages 8-14

Campcooking Thursdays

Thursdays at Coyle Outside

3-5:30pm | Ages 7-12



Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

3:15-5:30pm | Ages 7-11

Join an outdoor adventure crew to build team and wilderness skills!


Coyle Outside instructors will guide participants in this 100% all outdoors program through a variety of outdoor lessons, craft projects and experiments. We'll build forts in the woods, make a fire and roast marshmallows, create maps of the park, build miniature boats of natural materials, play survival games like camouflage and learn to safely use a variety of tools. Skills gained will include tracking, navigation, cordage and knots, fire/shelter building as well as practicing leadership and teamwork.

Foraging Basecamp


3-5:30pm | Ages 9-13

Students spend each day finding an area to set up a 'base camp' which they feel responsible for, and go on outings to forage for materials. Class is largely student-led and experiential. Students may request guidance on foraging, bushcraft, fire-cooking, and survival.



Day Programs/Homeschool



Mondays and Wednesdays

9am-2pm | Ages 7-12


This program is designed for families looking for a nature based, experiential approach to education. We will meet or field trip to various sites while following a week to week curriculum of skills based lessons and explorations. Borrowing from the Coyle Outside Outdoor School Curriculum participants will, for example, learn about Geography through learning Navigation, study native Fauna through Tracking, Physics and Engineering through survival traps, Aquatic Ecology through Fishing, and introduction to Chemistry through Fire building, Plant Anatomy through knifecraft, Meteorology and Habitat through Shelter building etc.. Students will have time to explore and play, build relationships, learn to solve problems, communicate, lead and follow more effectively.

Wilderschool Gallery


Winter Wildercamp

January 2-5

9 AM - 3 PM | Ages 7-12

This outdoor camp will combine bushcraft crafting projects with winter survival skills. Participants will practice shelter, fire, and knife work as well as spend time each day working on handcrafted projects. Depending on group interest and time, we may explore archery or camp cooking over the fire, too. Locations will vary within Corvallis city limits so to explore new areas. Practicing wilderness skills during the winter is a unique opportunity to build confidence and competence not available during sunny dry months.

Spring Break Survivor's Camp!

March 27-30

9 AM - 3 PM | Ages 8-12

Join us for full days of learning survival skills and practicing them in survival scenarios! Skills taught/practiced will include shelters, fire safety/building, knife safety, tracking, foraging, teamwork, traps, orienteering, cordage/knots and primitive skills. Specific skills and curriculum will depend on instructor and student preference.


Goal of camp, besides having fun, is to build initiative, self-control and judgement skills while connecting with the natural world. Campers will play survival-themed games based on real-life survival scenarios. The week ends with an exciting final scenario and a certificate of achievement. No prerequisites. Wear weather-appropriate clothing as camp is all outdoors. Bring snacks and lunch.

School's Out!

February 2-3; March 15-17

9 AM - 3 PM | Ages 7-11

Coyle Outside will transform Corvallis School District scheduled days off into outdoor adventures and forays. We'll meet at Townsend Shelter at Avery Park to work on outdoor skills such as shelter, fire, knife work, navigation, foraging, tracking, wildlife observation and more. We'll also provide transportation to field trip to new sites to practice the bushcraft and survival skills. Areas may include Mary's Peak, Finley Wildlife Refuge, E.E. Wilson and other natural places in and around Corvallis.

Todder Programs
Afterschool Programs
Day Camps + Homeschool
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